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Oil Paintings by Doug Gilbert

Doug Gilbert is an accomplished artist based in Southern Utah. His studio is located in Cedar City where he paints full time. His paintings have been featured in galleries for several years and appreciated by many people throughout the western United States.

Landscape Oil Paintings

Doug's lanscapes are painted with great attention to detail. His color pallete is rich with earthtones and lush greens. Though he paints with an eye for details, his works still feel like paintings instead of photos. He paints a variety of landscape scenes from the red rock cliffs of Zion National Park to green fields and brush of the west coast area.

Seascape Oil Paintings

Being a west coast native, Doug is often drawn to the ocean for inspiration for oil paintings. His seascapes evoke the majesty of the ocean. The flowing water and sand and rocks are executed in great detail without getting lost in the minutia, making them enjoyable to view up close and at a distance.

Contemporary Art

As an avid painter Doug has developed multiple styles including non-objective paintings. His mastery of color makes each painting evocative of the feeling he is attempting to communicating to the viewer. His contemporary works are accessible to all and would round out any collection of art.

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Traditional Paintings

Traditional oil PaintingTraditional oil paintings, sometimes called realism, is a style of painting which closely resembles the subjects of the painting. Doug Gilbert excels at painting landscapes and seascapes.

Contemporary Paintings

Traditional oil PaintingContemporary art encompasses several artistic styles. Doug Gilbert produces high quality contemporary paintings.